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Our essence dates back to the 70,000 kilometer trip our founder took at the age of 18

Javier Pérez-Sala:

"Riding on a Yamaha XT 500, I spent a year traveling through 34 countries
with two friends, racking up a total of 70,000 kilometers".

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Our family project currently includes three hotels in Barcelona, with another one undergoing renovation. The first hotel, Primero Primera, opened in 2011 in the Tres Torres district, followed by Sixties on Las Ramblas, and in 2022, Casa Sagnier opened on Rambla de Catalunya.

7º Fotografía sobre Nuesta Historia

"On that trip, I stayed at hotels, private homes, hostels
where the motorcycle slept in my room, tents and trucks-all
unique places that marked my experience. Since then,
traveling and hotels have come to become my passion".

"Since then, traveling and hotels have come to become my passion"

Today, the 70k brand reflects
the spirit of that trip.

Each hotel has a special story that gives it its own character.

Our experienced and committed team handles the daily operations and continuously seeks out new opportunities that match the values of our establishments: warm and familiar service, comfort, discreet elegance, and close ties with the local environment. One of our top priorities is to respect and convey the history of the buildings that house our 70k hotels. This allows us to offer our guests more than just accommodations; we pass down a legacy and share knowledge that they will undoubtedly remember as part of their travel experience.

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